A Spice for All Seasons

People frequently inquire about the origins of Renegade Rub, wondering, "Where did it come from?" The Rub was crafted by Rich after numerous hours of testing, refining the formula on his backyard BBQ. Whenever Rich grilled with friends, they were impressed by the superior seasoning and would inquire about its availability. In response, Rich would fill an empty spice bottle and gift it to them. In 1999, during a campfire session (where many great ideas emerge), Greg, a longtime friend of Rich with an entrepreneurial spirit and involvement in the food industry, suggested, "We should join forces and market this rub!" The rest, as they say, is history.Renegade Rub continues to experience a surge in sales and popularity each year. We are confident that you will relish the flavor of the Rub. Secure your bottle today!
  • Santa Clarita, CA, USA

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